Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Devil Duck Eggs

NOTE: Duck Eggs not Salted Eggs. LOL! Well, I have to tell this because most people, especially Malay/Malaysian, they always associate duck eggs with salted eggs. Well, not all duck eggs are salted but salted eggs are definitely duck eggs. Hahahaha...


6 Large size of duck eggs, preferably organic duck eggs
1/2 cup of boiled butter bean, cooled off
5 large slice of defrosted smoked salmon (if you don't have it fresh!)
2 tablespoon of olive oil
Salt & black pepper, to taste
Caviar (I'm using two colors)
Cherry tomatoes, sliced (not too thin)
Flat leaves (Italian) parsley


1) Boiled the duck eggs - hard boiled, cooled off, peeled off & halved.
2) Take out the egg yolks and clean dry the yolk-case area.
3) Meanwhile waiting for the duck eggs to completely boiled or cooled off, you may put the butter bean, smoked salon, olive oil and salt & black pepper in a food processor and process all the ingredients until well-blended and smooth.
4) Place the mixture carefully into the cleaned yolk-case. Not too full, just a lil' bit above 3/4 full. 
5) Place 1 slice of sliced cheery tomato above the salmon mixture.
6) Carefully place the caviar (using end of teaspoon or tip of knife) on top of the sliced cherry tomato.
7) Add on the flat leave parsley as a finishing touch.


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